Charity Sales


Our early summer t shirt sale raised £700, plus a recent sale of some of my old vinyl raised £1500 for the brilliant Reach Out To The Community charity, who are doing amazing work during the pandemic, looking after and feeding homeless people in South Manchester. Cheers to all the queue crew (pictured). We will hopefully have a one day T shirt & vinyl for sale outside the Reach Out shop before the end of the summer. Thanks to everyone who helped out, bought something or donated!


New DJ-Kicks 2LP/CD,
Print & Mug

Signed copies of the new DJ Kicks CD & 2LP are available in our shop,
Plus a brand new signed A3 print featuring the DJ-Kicks artwork
re-worked in a potato style.

Also a new mug for you to fill with tea and/or cucumber juice. It is the same as the print, but a bit smaller, and much better at holding drinks..


Keep it Unreal 20th Anniversary Green Vinyl


To Celebrate 20 years since the release of the album, Ninja Tune have released this lovely green vinyl version which comes with a pull out poster  of all 200 flyers of my Manchester party. Signed copies available below...


31 December (NYE)

Rave to the Moon

Online Event

09 January

Freight Island

Manchester, UK