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Contact Information

Please choose the email address below which is most suited to your query. We often receive high volumes of emails, so please be patient and we'll get back to you as soon as we can...

General enquiries, press, fan mail and in-depth information about whelk eggs, you can email me:
social [at] mrscruff [dot] com

Shop enquiries: 
shop [at] mrscruff [dot] com

DJ bookings: 
barry [at] onehouse [dot] com


gary [at] sparklestreet [dot] net


Trouser Jazz Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition 2LP on Red/Blue Vinyl

To celebrate 20 years of my Trouser Jazz album, these brightly coloured musical pants get a red & blue double vinyl reissue. You can pre-order it now via the button below.

Listening back all these years later, I can feel the fun and energy from those studio sessions, getting my fingers stuck into all kinds of musical pies alongside collaborators Seaming, Niko, Sneaky, Andy Kingslow, Bernard Moss and more. Some very fond memories of this project!
Thanks to Ninja Tune and everyone involved!

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