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Ninja Tune
Deluxe Triple LP

For the first time ever, the good people at Ninja Tune are releasing the Ninja Tuna album on vinyl - triple vinyl at that! It was originally released in 2008 but only available on CD.. oh and a USB stick (it felt like the future at the time).

This new gatefold vinyl version features bonus tracks and an “infinity peelable sticker" on the front.

Everything came together really well for this album. Some amazing collaborators, old friends in the studio and fat sonics that took the chunky and playful spirit of my early productions forward.

Thanks to all the listeners over the years and thanks to anyone who grabs this new version too!

It's available below now...


Bhangra House Xtc

Myself and Turbotito & Ragz present to you... ‘Bhangra House Xtc’! A Bhangra acid house and dub EP and a celebration of late Bhangra vocalist Manjeet Kondal and producer Deepak Khazanchi and their classic 1986 album ‘Holle Holle’.


It is available now via the Bandcamp link below...


Apple Music
'Early Hours' DJ Mix

It was a great to be asked by Apple Music to contribute to their chill mix series; EARLY HOURS. A bleary-eyed grab-bag of hazy downtempo & bumpy delights. This is the kind of groove I start with when I play an all night gig.


Massive shout to all the artists in the mix for their inspiration! You can see the full track list here.

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