DJ-Kicks Compilation & Mix (Vinyl, CD & Digital)

My DJ-Kicks is available to order now. I had great fun putting it together, and it features a lot of amazing music, ranging from extremely odd to classic. There is an old-fashioned mix CD, a modern, fancy digital download, an even more modern but just as fancy digital stream, and ultra-futuristic vinyl. The vinyl release has gaps between the tunes, and four of those tunes, including a new one from me, will be on vinyl for the first time. Big thanks to all the artists/labels involved, MC Kwasi for the intro/outro, the !K7 crew and everyone else who helped out with advice, contacts, technical support and DJ equipment. A team effort!

Also a special cheers to Bandcamp for having me on their latest weekly podcast where I got to talk about the art of tune selection and the mix. Listen to that below...


Worldwide FM
Monthly Show

I now have a monthly show on the brilliant Worldwide FM! The show is on the first Monday of the month from 9am-11am UK time. Really pleased to be able to contribute regularly to such an inspiring station.

Tap below to tune in and to listen to all my previous Worldwide shows...


'Read All About It'

Superlative x Mr. Scruff

I had a lot of fun making this tune with Superlative in early 2020, shout out to Reform Radio and Rhythm Lab Records for getting us involved with the Co-Lab project.


A lovely concept (teaming established/upcoming & visual artists) to make a 7 track compilation album with videos.

September 2020

Yabass YABA Radics - Year Zero Dubb (LP)
This label never put a foot wrong! New dub LP that sounds old, in the best, heaviest way imaginable. Mostly drum & bass, with teases of keyboard nibbles & dubbed out vocals, plus some killer double time tambourine shenanigans. If only this could be heard out loud at a roots session! London producer Alan Blizzard takes care of most of the LP, with Al Breadwinner closing out the album with 2 killer cuts. Honestly, if you like proper heavy dub, then get this one before it disappears.

Listen and purchase here

SAULT - Untitled (Rise) (2LP)

This crew deserve every bit of attention they get. Just three months after their last LP (Untitled: Black Is), they drop their fourth album. To achieve this work rate and focus whilst pulling together so many influences and keeping the quality control sky high is frankly mind-boggling. Just check the opener ’Strong’ which weaves through many moods and styles with effortless confidence. I don’t really need to say any more, except that you can get it below...

Listen and purchase here

ANZ - Loos In Twos (NRG) (12")

Not quite as prolific as SAULT but with an impressive work rate & consistent high quality levels (check her Spring/Summer dubs 2020 mix for a taste), Manchester’s ANZ debuts on Hessle with this twisting, turning, club ready three-tracker. Jungle, Hardcore, Breakbeat, Electro & UK Garage all neatly combine here. A keen ear for dynamics and pace, proper bass-heavy production and tons of drops and little surprises make for a really enjoyable EP that sits perfectly with the Hessle sound. Pick of the three for me is the sparse, percolating electro pickler ‘Gary Mission’. Mind the bass!

Listen and purchase here

Sam Gendel - Satin Doll (LP)

Addictive, woozy and hypnotic electronic versions of jazz standards. Definitely not one for the jazz purists, but the reality is that this brave experiment went very, very right. Mutant saxophone riffs, billowing cloudy pillow-synths & drunken tappy drums lead the whole thing on a merry & charming little dance. Afro Blue stumbles in first and sets the scene with its classic melody, Hermeto Pasqual’s O Ova brings in the layers over staccato robotic brasilian rhythms, and ‘Cold Duck Time’ sounds like Errorsmith stuck in a lift. Difficult to pick highlights though, as the whole thing works so well as an album. Slippery, deep and playful.

Listen and purchase here