DJ-Kicks Compilation & Mix (Vinyl, CD & Digital)

 I had great fun putting this together, and it features a lot of amazing music, ranging from extremely odd to classic. There is an old-fashioned mix CD, a modern, fancy digital download, an even more modern but just as fancy digital stream, and ultra-futuristic vinyl. The vinyl release has gaps between the tunes, and four of those tunes, including a new one from me, will be on vinyl for the first time. Big thanks to all the artists/labels involved, MC Kwasi for the intro/outro, the !K7 crew and everyone else who helped out with advice, contacts, technical support and DJ equipment. A team effort!


Keep it Unreal

is Back!

After a two year disco nap, the legendary Band on the Wall in Manchester has reopened, bigger and better than ever.  The next one is on 2nd of July 2022 and is the 23rd Birthday of the Keep it Unreal party. Some very special guests for this one, in the form of Donna Leake, Charlie Dark, Mikey D.O.N, Vanessa Freeman and of course, MC Kwasi...


Worldwide FM
Monthly Show

I now have a monthly show on the brilliant Worldwide FM! The show is on the first Friday of the month from midday-2pm UK time. Really pleased to be able to contribute regularly to such an inspiring station.

Tap below to tune in and to listen to all my previous Worldwide shows, or click HERE to access the Spotify playlist of all the tunes.