DJ-Kicks Compilation & Mix (Vinyl, CD & Digital)

My DJ-Kicks is available to order now. I had great fun putting it together, and it features a lot of amazing music, ranging from extremely odd to classic. There is an old-fashioned mix CD, a modern, fancy digital download, an even more modern but just as fancy digital stream, and ultra-futuristic vinyl. The vinyl release has gaps between the tunes, and four of those tunes, including a new one from me, will be on vinyl for the first time. Big thanks to all the artists/labels involved, MC Kwasi for the intro/outro, the !K7 crew and everyone else who helped out with advice, contacts, technical support and DJ equipment. A team effort!

Also a special cheers to Bandcamp for having me on their latest weekly podcast where I got to talk about the art of tune selection and the mix. Listen to that below...


Worldwide FM
Monthly Show

I now have a monthly show on the brilliant Worldwide FM! The show is on the first Monday of the month from 9am-11am UK time. Really pleased to be able to contribute regularly to such an inspiring station.

Tap below to tune in and to listen to all my previous Worldwide shows...


'Read All About It'

Superlative x Mr. Scruff

I had a lot of fun making this tune with Superlative in early 2020, shout out to Reform Radio and Rhythm Lab Records for getting us involved with the Co-Lab project.


A lovely concept (teaming established/upcoming & visual artists) to make a 7 track compilation album with videos.

June 2020

Tall Black Guy - Restless As We Are (LP)
Created in lockdown, this stunning EP deals with police brutality and the frustrations of injustice, stereotyping and racism, over tough tracks that just drip with emotion. Just check ‘Gimme Mine’ and tell me that this doesn’t hit the nail right on the head. In his own words ‘Between this pandemic, being stuck in the house and the protests world wide, there is a looming uncertainty about all of this shit. I put all of my heart, soul, time and frustrations into this EP.’

Listen and purchase here

Essa - Justice (Single)

Essa’s first tune in 5 years breaks the silence on the subject of police, racism and politics through the lens of his own UK mixed heritage, over a heavy, brooding Breakplus beat. This is the most complete up to date break down of the issues that I have heard, pulling US/UK history and the latest developments into an incredible whole. ‘I’m not.. chasing hype i’ve got nothing to promote, its just something that I wrote cos I’m struggling to cope’. All proceeds from this release will be donated in full to the NAACP Legal Defence Fund and Reclaim The Block.

Listen and purchase here

Blvck Spade - Preacher In The Trap (LP)

2nd album this year from St. Louis’ Blvck Spvde. Go straight to ’God Hop’ & ‘Pine Lawn P’ and see what I am getting so excited about. Then check this lyric from ‘Parallel’ on the incredible ‘Svmthngz N Nvthngz Sessions’ LP: ‘Love how my people they play the hand that’s dealt, even when we own shit and get treated like the help’). Seriously, just buy everything off his Bandcamp page. Not heard music with such a strong vision for some time.

Listen and purchase here

Blu & Exile - Miles (LP)

After an 8 year wait we get another album. Currently a pre-order so we can’t hear the whole thing, but if the 4 preview tracks, including the nine minute epic ’Roots of Blue’ with its narration of black history and name checking of prominent black community figures are anything to go by, the full thing will be a work of art. Can’t wait!

Listen and purchase here