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1. Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Be Known - Ancient Future Music (2LP)
The new LP from Chicago percussionist Kahil El’Zabar is a heavy, joyous afro-futuristic spiritual jazz masterpiece. Great from start to finish, but my favourite tunes are the trippy, funky ‘Be Known’ & ‘Pharaoh’ with a steady 4/4 kick & deep atmospherics. Raw & inspiring music from a true master.
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2. Rey Sapienz - Mushoro (Cassette/Digital)

New music from Kampala.. a crazy mix of afro-electronic styles, with GQOM, Soukous, dancehall, techno and plenty more influences in the pot. Dancehall Pigme is my favourite here, an odd acid dancehall banger with the same oddball flavour and lightness of touch that Equiknoxx do so well. 

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3. Attarazat Addahabia & Faradjallah - Al Hadaoui (Habibi Funk LP)

Previously unreleased Gnawa-Funk genius from the amazing Casablanca label Boussiphone, who released over 2000 records in their time. The result is not unlike some of the classic Ethiopian funk records.. hypnotic, percussive, bluesy, soulful & great fun. It is amazing how after so many years of non-stop digging, unreleased magic like this still exists!

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4. Ill Considered - 8 (LP)

Gnarly uptempo dancefloor jazz from this prolific trio. My pick, 'Liquid science' lays fiery free sax on top of a tough 4/4 PIL style groove. Occasionally tricky, always great fun, forward-thinking music. For me, a lot of this new aggro-jazz picks up where Pigbag & co left off, which in my eyes is a good thing!

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Boiler Room 2018


Thanks to Boiler Room for having me do a session at this year's Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam. Great crowd, great vibe. 

If you didn't get a chance to tune in live on Saturday 4th August, the full stream is available now on the video to the right...

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