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Proceeds from this product will be donated to

Save The Children – Turkey & Syria Children’s Emergency Fund


TURKEY / SYRIA Children’s Emergency Fundraiser

For the last two months, families in southern Turkey and northern Syria have been dealing with the severe impacts of the earthquakes.

The earthquakes and following aftershocks have left a trail of destruction in their wake. They’ve claimed the lives of loved ones, caused widespread destruction, fear and panic, and left many homeless.

More than 54,402 people have lost their lives, and thousands more have been injured. In total, around 17.9 million people have been impacted, including at least 6.2 million children.


Original artwork by Mr. Scruff, digitally printed on 300gsm A3 art paper and signed by the man himself.

'Koko All Night Long' Signed A3 Print by Mr Scruff for Turkey & Syria Children’s

SKU: TSkokoPrint
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