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Links to Mr. Scruff mixes online

There are several mixes available online, here is a current list of available ones that I know about. I record many of my gigs, and try and make sure that some of these are available for streaming. Do you know of any more? Or is there an old mix you are trying to get hold of? Let me know!

milk audio full recording of my all night session with milk & footprints at revival in toronto on July 1st 2007. An amazing evening!

milk audio mix from keep it unreal, dec 2005.

giant step mix from keep it unreal, feb 2006.

you can check the hotpot radio archives here (mix from keep it unreal, nov 06) look in the 'guest mixes' column.

Samurai FM mix live from the UR night at the warehouse project, plus a 2 hour mix recorded at 'keep it unreal' 7th birthday, july 2006. Go to the bottom of the home page to 'feature archive' & scroll down.